We are going to have a bunch of "guilds" with people all over the world, in which we will battle for territory and fight with each other in a TTRPG managed online.
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 How To Play - Recruits

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PostSubject: How To Play - Recruits   Fri Jul 01, 2016 2:31 pm

Yaaay, you posted something!

Now, you have to post another thing:
Your recruitment message.

It needs to include your preferred guild, how active you are gonna be, and your power level LARPing/TTRPGing experience. It also needs to include the city/state/whatever you live in.

The reason for this is that you need to put up markers, but also because of the "island" system. Each guild gets a set number of islands, and they cannot have more than that number of completely separate areas. This means if the Warriors' guild has a set number of 5 and they have 5 islands, many miles away from each other, you probably won't get in if you aren't inside of an existing one.

Also, as soon as you get recruited, you need to read HTP Guilds and HTP Characters, and probably everything else (it's up to your guild and your reading abilities).
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How To Play - Recruits
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