We are going to have a bunch of "guilds" with people all over the world, in which we will battle for territory and fight with each other in a TTRPG managed online.
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 How To Play - Missions

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PostSubject: How To Play - Missions   Fri Jul 01, 2016 3:12 pm

There are many kinds of missions.

There are:
And more to come!

Now, here they are in detail.

Mainly for beginners. For the lazy, tired, weak characters, noob, people who need to meet a guild quota, or the people who just don't have much free time. Missions are probably the easiest. You go to a certain place, check it out, snap a picture, and claim it (if it isn't already claimed). Then you come back and post that you did it.

For the geocacher, or the novice. One step up from missions. Write down the instructions and the encoded clue (if there is one), go to the place, use the instructions and the clue to find something, snap a picture, and leave.

For the roleplayer. Show up at a place at a certain time, hide until you see your target, and go out and talk to him. (This counts as a duel that you automatically win.) Most often the targets will actually have a target, but not on the harder ones. Watch out for other guilds ambushing you and starting a duel!

For the travelers. Pickups/Dropoffs are easier than an assassination in most cases, and harder than an investigation. They do, however, usually involve travelling. You will get a location, instructions on how to find it, and a decoded clue. They will take you to an object, which you then have to take to the dropoff point, and your instructions will contain where to put it.

For the competitive but non-violent. Show up at a place at a certain time, meet someone from a rival guild, and race to a point. Sometimes there will be a route you have to take, either drawn in chalk or on a map, and sometimes you will just get a second point that you have to get to.

For the team player. Grab a bunch of guildmates, run into a rival guild's area, get as many duels as possible. Each person can only enter one duel, except for a designated leader, who can do 3, and up to 3 "heavies" who get 2. Once you get all your duels, head back, and settle them.

For the lone wolf. Go to a place, usually in another guild's territory, find your target, and take pictures of them. Post them, and you might get to reveal another guild's secret!

For the troll or the combat-hungry. Go to a spot, wait there all day, wait for a rival guild-person to show up, and make sure they can't do it. Duel them, block their delivery route, make sure their target never shows up. As long as they don't succeed, you do.

And more to come!:
Watch this thread for new mission types!
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How To Play - Missions
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