We are going to have a bunch of "guilds" with people all over the world, in which we will battle for territory and fight with each other in a TTRPG managed online.
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 How To Play - Misc

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PostSubject: How To Play - Misc   Sat Jul 02, 2016 7:41 am

Due to the nature of this thread, this first post will not contain all the things this thread needs. Please refrain from posting.

So you need to do an interruption, or just want to keep someone out. If you want to block somebody from entering an area, tie your guild's color bandanna to a red one, and wrap it round a sign. Every player can't have more than 4 (increases with level) of these flags at a time, and if you are defeated in a duel, you must take them down. If somebody is doing a race, they can enter, but the race will not start or end in it. If you put up blockers around the start of a race, the players can and will still show up there, but will move outside it before starting. If you want to block a line across a road, you must be able to see both when you are 15 yards away from the line (honor rule) (approximately). If you are blocking an area, you need to be able to see all the other blockers while standing next to any of them, and you need to see both ends of every side from 15 feet away. Blockers do not apply to your guildmates.

Somebody wants to fight your low-level buddy and you don't want him getting rekt? As soon as somebody calls a duel, you can duel them instead. But, if somebody duel-denies you, the original duel will still happen. You can cancel out somebody "dueling" their assassination target this way.
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How To Play - Misc
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